Having your eyes tested is not simply a question of identifying the correct lenses for you, it is about vigilance and expertise in identifying early signs of eye and systemic disease. At Tenterden Opticians you will receive a very comprehensive eye examination, where a clinician will be dedicate 45 minutes to every single patient. In this time each patient will go through a series of tests and scans which will help the clinicians make informed diagnostic decisions and also provide a baseline for future monitoring and management. 

Our team of clinicians recognize, that in today’s modern world, technology plays a key role in the diagnosis, management and treatment of most conditions / diseases. Thus we have spared no expense in equipping our practice with the latest and very best technology- an investment in excess of £200K. We are most proud in having the Spectralis OCT machine by Heidelberg Engineering. This instrument sits at the very top of the pyramid of diagnostic tools in Ophthalmology (and other fields). This scanning microscope will detect, analyze and compare (to populations matched for age and gender) the most minute changes at the back of ones eye – vital for diagnosing, managing and treating conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration.

As well as our comprehensive eye examinations, we run condition-specific specialist clinics. We currently run a specialist clinic for Dry Eye Syndrome. This clinic is equipped with the very latest technology that will assist our clinicians in providing the very best treatment, management and advice.

The Comprehensive Eye Examination

Colour Overlay Assessment

Enhanced AMD Screening

Diagnostic Dry & Blepharitis Eye Assessment

Ultimate Dry Eye & Blepharitis Treatment Package

Enhanced Glaucoma Screening

Heidelberg Spectralis 4D OCT Eye Scan

Contact Lens Fitting & Aftercare

Blephex Treatment

Dry Eye Follow Up

Children's Eye Examinations