Optical Styling

Gone are the days when choosing your next pair of glasses was a daunting task.

At Tenterden Opticians we are known for our range of eyewear. With over 1500 frames in stock and thousands more at at a click of a button, you are sure to find a frame that reflects your personality and style; suits your face shape and complexion. Quality, design and fashion are at the heart of all of our frame choices and by working with the leading designers of luxury eyewear we have created a range to reflect just that. Our customers love us for our up to date knowledge about latest fashions and styles.

Our team of optical stylists are highly trained to make this experience easy and fun for everyone of our customers. We have a genuine interest in eyewear and truly appreciate what it means to wear a pair of glasses that fit well, feel good and look fantastic. Our deep understanding of shapes, sizes, colours and materials available across all the collections we work with, means that you will never be short of a fabulous recommendation . We will always go out of our way to ensure that every customer leaves our premises with a smile and already dreaming of the day they return to pick up their completed pair of spectacles.

Did you know that we can customise a lot of our frames for size, shape and colour in order to fit / suit you better? – You do now! Not only can we customise our frames, we can in fact make you a pair a glasses from only a concept. Armed with a ruler, a pencil and an open mind, we can assists you in designing your own frame in the style, shape, material you desire. 


Your face is a work of art- it deserves a great frame.

We have been to every single optical trade show in Europe, visited tens of manufacturers, considered hundreds of collections and seen thousands of frames in search for the perfect stock. Since perfection is very much subjective, we can only say with confidence, that every single frame we stock has been selected by our team, after careful consideration, to represent something different, special and individual.

We have chosen to work with some very elegant designers, independent manufacturers and some world-leading luxury brands. We are very proud to bring to Kent for the first time, collections by Dita, Cutler and Gross and Victoria Beckham. We also proudly work with exquisite collections by Lindberg, Cartier, Chopard, Dior, Tom Davis, Gucci – to name but a few. 


May the sun always shine on you. And may you always be able to purchase the most fabulous sunglasses to protect your eyes from it.

At Tenterden Opticians we looooove our collections of sunglasses. We stock a large selection of sunglasses from the basic ones that protect your eyes from UV to the really extravagant ones that will really get you noticed . We have gold ones, silver ones, titanium ones, wood ones, mirrored ones, multi-colour ones and many more of all shapes and sizes designed and manufactured by the biggest names in the industry.


Optical Lenses

As an independent optician, we have the advantage of being able to order any lens available from any manufacturer. 

There are literally thousands of lens types available and our opticians will advise on the best lens design, material and coatings for your frame, prescription and lifestyle requirements. Our ‘go to’ manufacturer is Zeiss. Their amazing innovative designs and unfaltering German craftsmanship, have always proved to be (in our opinion) the best money can buy.

Contact Lenses

At Tenterden Opticians we understand that our patients have busy lifestyles and that glasses are not always an ideal solution.

Recent developments in technology mean that contact lenses are now a viable option for the vast majority of our patients.
Our specialist optometrists can fit you with contact lenses to wear every day or just for occasional use such as sports or special occasions. We deal with all suppliers and therefore for each person we select the best contact lens on the market from all available choices.